Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center - Found an orphaned bird? Please contact us at 972-225-4000!

Found a Bird?

Mr. Chitters, the barred owl, sitting on a log

How to Know If a Bird Needs Help

A bird needs immediate medical attention if it:

Overnight Care

If you are unable to transport the bird to us before we close for the day and are unable to reach us, please follow these guidelines. These are general guidelines, meant for short term, emergency care. Please call us ASAP for more species and injury specific care instructions.

Baby Birds

Adult Birds

Why Can't I Keep It?

As much as you and your children may want to keep the bird and as much fun as it may seem, there are many reasons why we discourage them being kept as pets.

It's bad for the animals

It's against the law

What if I have already been caring for a wild bird?

If you have been caring for a wild bird, you should bring it to an avian wildlife rehabilitor as soon as possible. We understand your good intentions but the average american home is not the place for a wild bird. The sooner the bird can be given a proper diet and medical care, the better its chances.

Found a Mammal or Reptile?

As we are a wild bird-only rehab center, we do not accept other kinds of animals. Check out the resources below to find a licensed rehabilitator for the species.

Far away? Find Someone Closer

More Information

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Legal Information

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