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The birds of the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
March 25, 2015
Andy Jacobsohn

Beatrix: the Canadian Peregrine Falcon


Beatrix, the Canadian Peregrine Falcon standing on a branchBeatrix arrived at RWRC in March of 2016 after being hit by hail during a storm. We posted a facebook photo and found, soon after, that she was no average falcon. She was the lead breeding female from the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The Peregrine Falcon Recover Project, a conservation project founded in 1981 with the goal of re-establishing "a self-sustaining population of Peregrine Falcons in Manitoba," contacted us and she was positively identified by a distinct marking and the ID bands on her legs.

She made a full recovery from her head injury, but, due to the large amount of time she spent on cage rest and a slight wing injury, we knew her muscles would not be strong enough to make the migration back up to Canada and the project to get her back home began. After months of paperwork, numerous calls to various government agencies and a lot of work, Beatrix is back home! She arrived home in Manitoba on December 1st, 2016 and was handed over to the Peregrine Falcon Recover Project where they plan to release her in the wild when spring comes.

Rare falcon recovering quickly from storm injury in Hutchins before flying home to Canada
March 24, 2016
Claire Z. Cardona, Dallas Morning News

Winnipeg-born peregrine falcon hurt in Dallas hail storm
March 25, 2016
Bryce Hoye, CBC News

Rare Peregrine Falcon Recovering After Storm-Related Injury
Mar 28, 2016
Kevin Cokely, NBC 5

Falcon injured in North Texas expected to go home soon
March 29, 2016

Storm strands famous Canadian falcon in Texas
March 29, 2016
Sebastian Robertson, WFAA

Beatrix the Falcon Still Not Cleared To Fly
May 20, 2016
Kevin Cokely, NBC 5

Beatrix the Falcon Gets Help Flying Home to Canada After Rehab
December 1, 2016
Kevin Cokely, NBC 5

DFW Egret Rookery Rescues


Baby Egrets in pet carriersDehydrated Baby Egrets Dying In DeSoto
July 21, 2014
Andrea Lucia, CBS 11

Texas drought threatens survival of suburban egrets
July 27, 2014
Marshall Hinsley

Egrets are turning up dead in Cedar Hill
August 12, 2016
Loyd Brumfield

The Injured Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle right before releaseInjured adult bald eagle getting better at rehab facility
December 22, 2013
Tanya Eiserer, Dallas Morning News

Injured bald eagle’s plight spurs donations to wildlife rehab center in Hutchins
December 24, 2013
Tanya Eiserer, Dallas Morning News

Rehabbing the Bald Eagle
January 12, 2015
Chris Jackson's DFW Urban Wildlife

North Texas Wild: Birds of all feathers 'heal' together at Rogers Wildlife Rehab Center
February 21, 2015
Amy Martin, North Texas Wild

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